A female reporter teaches immigrant children as a volunteer in Daikundi

Onsia Najafi, one of the local female journalists in Daikundi province, teaches migrant children as a volunteer. At the beginning of the academic year, a class in Derakhshan Elementary School in Daikundi immigrants township was supposed to be closed due to the lack of a teacher, but Onsia Najafi has agreed to teach this class voluntarily. Before the arrival of the Taliban, Onsia was a local reporter of National Radio and Television in Daikundi, but her work contract was terminated by the Taliban regime and she was unemployed.

In an interview with the Afghan Women News Agency, she said that she suffers from unemployment and staying at home and spends his spare time reading books. The third grade of Derakhshan Elementary School in Daikundi immigrants township has 26 male and female students and they are going to complete one academic year with the help of local female reporter Onsia Najafi.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi
Translated by: Hussaini

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