A girl was buried alive in Kabul

This morning, the newborn girl was found in the seventh district of Kabul city, near the river.
A woman from Bagh-e-Raees, 7th District, Kabul, narrates this story, in the morning when her mother-in-law leaves the house. She sees that a number of men found a newborn girl on the bank of the river who had been thrown into the river the night before.
She says the mother-in-law, along with the young men, cleansed the newborn daughter of her blood and buried her hours later.

Just because she was a newborn girl not boy, maybe her relatives did the same thing with her.

This is one of the thousands of narrations that have been passed down to Afghan girls from birth, but only a few of them are exposed.

The world should not be silent about Afghan girls.

Reported by: Nasima Rawnaq

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