A war within another war

Clashes between the forces of the Islamic Emirate and Sohail Zemarai, the nephew of Atta Mohammad Noor, in the Baba Qanbar area, killed eight members of the Islamic Emirate forces from a residential house.

Sohail Zemarai, nephew of Atta Mohammad Noor, who had been commanding a team that wanted to fight the Taliban for some time, but after today’s explosion in Shiite Mosque, his blood boiled and he clashed with Taliban forces alone from a residential house. Who killed eight people, including the commander of the fourth Taliban district, and recently himself was killed.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Asif Vaziri, spokesman for the Balkh Taliban Police Command, denied that Taliban members had been killed in the clash, saying that as a result of clashes between Islamic Emirate forces and Atta Mohammad Noor’s men, Mr. Noor’s men were killed and their forces were not injured.

However, local people and local sources reported that the commander of the fourth Taliban district and several members of the group had been killed, and said that Sohail Zemarai was fighting alone and that no one else was accompanying him.

Meanwhile, clashes between Taliban forces and Atta Mohammad Noor’s men in Panjshir province and clashes by the Resistance Front against the Taliban took place at Darwaz district of Badakhshan province at the same time as Sohail Zemarai.

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