Acting Minister of Education of the Taliban: If we open girls’ schools, families will riot!

Noorullah Munir, Acting Minister of Education of the Taliban government, has said that the cultural situation of the country is bad and the people themselves do not want their daughters to go to school and if we open the schools, the families will riot.
Today, Sunday (September 11, 2022), he raised this issue during a trip to Uruzgan province and said that during the past twenty years, the culture of girls’ schools has not been in accordance with Islamic principles and culture.

The people of Afghanistan have reacted to the words of the Taliban’s Minister of Education in cyberspace and called him a full-fledged liar.
According to reports, in different provinces, people, families and religious scholars want the reopening of girls’ schools, and recently in Gardiz, Paktia, girls marched for the reopening of their schools.

Afghanistan Women News Agency

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