Afghan protesting women to the world: Help Afghan women against the unequal war and boycott the Taliban

Reporter: Latifa sadat Mosavi

Protesting street women in Kabul have once again raised their voices in protest of the closure of girls’ schools following the crackdown on protests and the imprisonment of a number of women by the Taliban.
A number of members of the Afghan Women for Justice movement gathered at an unknown location in the foothills (Thursday, March 24, 2022) to call on the world to help and support Afghan women “in this unequal war” and to boycott the Taliban until the gates of girls’ schools reopen.
The women’s protest resolution states that Afghan women have once again been blatantly discriminated against on the pretext of religion and the hijab.
And the Taliban closed the gates of schools to girls, suppressed protests, imprisoned and killed women, and subjected dozens of others to violence.

“Today, we are once again forced to raise our voices for justice and freedom despite the high threats, because the people of Afghanistan and the world have left us in the tyranny and politics of the Taliban’s religious trade by silencing against the Taliban’s oppression of Afghan women.”

“We, the women of Afghanistan, strongly urge the people of Afghanistan and the world to help the women of Afghanistan in the face of this unequal war and not to allow us to fall victim to these vicious trade policies under the pretext of religion.

“We, the women of Afghanistan, call on the world to boycott the Taliban and to put maximum pressure on the group to reopen schools for girls and restore other rights of Afghan women and people.”

The women protesters also emphasized that education, work and freedom are the inalienable rights of women and that they will continue to stand up against the Taliban until this right is realized.
They tell the Taliban that they can no longer take Afghan women’s rights hostage.

The closing of school gates to girls and their tears in front of closed school doors met with widespread reactions from the world and international institutions.

The ruling Taliban government promised to reopen girls’ schools a week before Nowruz, but on the day of the reopening, it barred sixth- and upper-class girls from entering the classroom.

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