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Afghan woman winner of the 2022 Asian Woman of the Year award

Dr. Homaira Rezaei, a human rights activist, was named the 2022 Asian Woman of the Year by Britain. This award was given to her for her social and humanitarian activities. Homeira Rezaei is the chair of the Planning Committee of the World Council of Hazaras. She is appealing internationally to improve the situation of Hazaras and Shiites in Afghanistan. The award is given to Ms. Rezaei as other ethnic and religious minorities in Afghanistan have been marginalized after ten months of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Humanitarian aid is being unfairly distributed. Poverty and deprivation are rampant in Afghanistan, and a number of Afghans living abroad are supporting them with humanitarian aid to save some of them from starvation.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

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