Afghan women’s diary (from August 15 to August 25)
Afghan women’s diary (from August 15 to August 25)

1. The protesting women members of the Afghan Women’s Alliance and Solidarity held a gathering in a closed place in Kabul on the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of the Afghan government to the hands of the Taliban wearing black mourning clothes and announced that in mourning for a year of misery, Afghan […]

1. The protesting women members of the Afghan Women’s Alliance and Solidarity held a gathering in a closed place in Kabul on the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of the Afghan government to the hands of the Taliban wearing black mourning clothes and announced that in mourning for a year of misery, Afghan women wore mourning clothes and are mourned.
2. The devastating flood in Ghazni swept away a 580 type passenger bus and as a result five people died and two others were injured. Three women and two children died in this event.
3. A four-year-old girl died after falling into a water well in Nad Ali district of Helmand province.
4. Women’s protest movements “Gleam of Hope Organization” in a protest meeting on the occasion of the anniversary of the fall of the country to the Taliban, said that girls’ schools in Afghanistan have been closed without any Shariah, legal and humanitarian justification.
5. Taliban shot and killed a teenage girl in Panjshir province.
This girl’s name is Samina and she was killed by Taliban armed men when she prevented the Taliban from entering her house.
6. The United Nations Women’s Division announced that the findings of this organization show that Afghan women and girls prefer death over life in the current situation under the rule of the Taliban.
7. As a result of devastating floods in Nuristan province, 15 people, including women and children, died, and dozens of residential houses and agricultural lands were also destroyed.
8. Human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, asked the international community to consider accountability for women’s rights as part of diplomatic engagement with the Taliban.
9. Following a traffic accident, four women and one man died and 11 others were injured.
10. Heavy flood in Laghman Province killed two women and a child.
11. Haider Barr, deputy director of the Women’s Division of Human Rights Watch, stated in a tweet that the Taliban will not reopen girls’ schools anytime soon.
12. A group of Norwegian citizens, mostly women, marched in Norway in support of Afghan women under the rule of the Taliban and said that they would stand by the women of Afghanistan.
13. An 11-year-old boy killed his 19-year-old sister with a Kalashnikov in Andkhoi district of Faryab province.
13. Heavy floods in Khushi district of Logar Province killed 20 people, including women and children, and some went missing.
15. The Taliban in Herat province have arrested three young girls from the sixth district of this city on charges of running away from home.
16. The recent floods in Zabul province have killed 32 people, including women and children, and left eight injured.
17. The officers of the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice of the Taliban in Badakhshan Province declared it mandatory for women to cover their faces and said that women should wear a burqa or veil their faces.
18. A traffic accident in Yawan district of Badakhshan province killed eight people, including a woman.
19. A man and a woman were shot by the woman’s brother in the village of Takhil, Kohistan district of Faryab province, on the charge of adultery or illicit relationship.
20. On the first anniversary of the Taliban’s domination of the country and the denial of women’s right to education and work, the spontaneous movement of protesting women reopened the women’s library in Kabul.
21. A young boy and girl in Badakhshan Province, who were in a romantic relationship and were wanted by the Taliban, threw themselves into the Kokcha River and died.
22. A member of the Taliban in Badghis was killed by his wife after deciding to marry a second time, but the wifebsaid in an interrogation by the Taliban that this woman wanted to commit suicide after her husband decided to marry a second time, but when her husband tried to prevent the suicide, he was shot by mistake.
23. A woman in Khak Safid district of Farah province killed her father-in-law for unknown reasons.
24. The officers of the Taliban in Talaqan city, Takhar province, beat up three women who came to the city for shopping and insulted and humiliated their male companions.
25. Thomas Nicholson, the European Union’s special representative for Afghanistan, said that reopening girls’ schools is a top priority and that other human rights will not be respected until the Taliban do so.
26. More than a hundred women in Bamyan learned health education related to caring for pregnant women and children.
27. The Taliban abolished the offices of the General Department of the prevention of violence against women.
28. Twenty nine female students celebrated their graduation from a private university and institute.
29. Bomana Firouzi, the first female police officer in Daikundi province, after a decade of service in the system, is now spinning wool with the arrival of the Taliban.
30. The Taliban announced that they will establish the Directorate of Inquistionists for the reform of women in Afghanistan.
31. More than 700 women applicants in Bamyan competed for 18 government vacancies.
32. Female teachers in private schools in Nangarhar province complain about low salary and say that this salary is not enough for their families’ needs.
33. The Taliban prevented female students from entering the university and taking exams and told the students to come to the university after wearing a black headscarf.
34. Women’s protest movements against the Taliban, by launching a #BanTalibanTravels campaign in cyberspace, demanded the extension of the foreign travel restrictions on the Taliban by the international community.
35. A young girl hanged herself and died in Waras district of Bamyan province.
36. By sending a letter to the girls’ schools of Nimroz province, the Taliban banned the girls from participating in the aptitude test.
37. A group of Taliban agents stood at the door of the civil hospital in Faizabad, Badakhshan, and prevented women from entering the hospital without burqas and veil.
38. The body of a woman was found from Robat Mirza village, Kashk-Robatsangi district, Herat province. This woman was first murdered and then wrapped in plastic and thrown in a pit.
39. Business women in Herat expressed concern about the unfavorable working environment.
40. The women of Helmand province protested against the Taliban in a closed place and chanted slogans of bread, work and freedom.
41. An eighteen-year-old girl self-immolated and died in Miwand district of Kandahar province.
42. A number of Afghan women, in a protest gathering in Paris, against the oppression and tyranny of the Taliban in Afghanistan, asked the international community not to recognize this group.

Sources: Afghanistan Women’s News Agency and other local media