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After Afghanistan, the teaching of male teachers in Iranian girls’ schools was also banned

Iranian media quoted the Iranian Ministry of Education as saying that male teachers were no longer allowed to teach in Iranian girls’ schools.

Mohammad Mahdi Kazemi, an official of the Ministry of Education of Iran, said about the ban on teaching male teachers in girls ‘secondary schools: “We sent a letter on May 19 this year about the ban on teaching male teachers in girls’ schools.” According to Kazemi, this letter is based on Article 3 of the Executive Regulations of Iranian Schools, which was approved last year.

He said that schools are established by gender and that the gender of school staff and students must be matched. Kazemi went on to say that the gender segregation of male teachers includes all sectors of education in Iran, and that all schools are required to designate teachers for students on the basis of gender segregation, and there are no exceptions.

After the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, teachers in schools and universities teach students on the basis of gender. The Taliban have closed high schools for girls because they do not have a distinctive hijab-like uniform. In Iran pressures and restrictions on women have increased too, since Ebrahim Raeesi became president.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

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