Amnesty International: The world is watching the death of half of Afghanistan’s population with indifference.


Reporter: Zohra Nawa

On the eve of March 8 (International Day of Solidarity for Women), Amnesty International called on the world not to indifferently watch the millions of women in Afghanistan.
They are losing the gains of the last 20 years in Afghanistan.

Samira Hamidi, Amnesty International’s Afghanistan director, tweeted criticism of the world’s indifference to Afghan women, saying that women should not be allowed to lose 20 years of struggle and sacrifice in Afghanistan.
Hamidi added that although we can not consider the last 20 years as a great period for women in Afghanistan, since 2001 Afghan women have been politically, socially and culturally part of society and no one can deny it.

She stressed that there must be accountability for the Taliban’s abuses against women, and that this requires stronger action by the international community.
According to Hamidi, the world cannot see half of society dying of starvation.

“It is good that the international community is making money for the people of Afghanistan, but how much will be used for women, the important thing. I can not imagine how many countries have been with women in Afghanistan in the past and now there is no coordination campaign to help Afghan women. We are just being ignored.” Hamidi from Amnesty International wrote.

Hamidi called for a strong monitoring system for women and girls’ rights in Afghanistan, saying that hundreds of women breadwinners had lost their jobs since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and international organizations were not focusing on women’s rights.

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