August 15th coincides with the fall of the republic, the fall of the women’s economic wheel and working women staying at home

August 15, 2021 was a dark and sinister day for Afghanistan, especially for Afghan women and in this one year, all Afghan women became displaced, wandered, unemployed and stayed at home, and along with this, the majority of working women stayed at home and besides this, the majority of working women who stayed at home are struggling with various diseases such as depression and mental torture, which is really a great pain for the Afghanistan body.

After the fall of the previous government and the arrival of the Taliban, the doors of the Afghan media were closed to women, and no woman had the right to work in the media anymore.
On the third day of the fall, which was August 17, 2020, Shabnam Doran, an employee of National Radio and Television, was not allowed to enter the media, and similarly, no women were allowed to continue their work and activities in the media in all provinces.

However, based on the statistics of organizations for the defense of free media in Afghanistan, it says that since the arrival of the Taliban in Kabul, the activities of 153 media outlets in 20 provinces of the country have been stopped, and women are not allowed to work in many media outlets, which only started with the arrival of the Taliban and with each passing day, this number and these restrictions are added.

In addition to this, only at the beginning of the fall of the republic and the arrival of the Taliban, the number of female media workers had decreased from 1,300 women who were working in 2021 and before the fall of the republic, to less than three hundred, which is currently even less than that.

Meanwhile, according to the statistics obtained in the first months of the fall of the Republic, 95 percent of female journalists lost their jobs, and only five percent of Afghan female journalists remained in their duties, and the majority of them work in Kabul, and eleven provinces of Afghanistan have no female journalists or female media workers at all.

In the political sector, currently with the presence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, there are no women in politics, and one hundred percent of the women who were in politics were eliminated, and the majority of women who worked in the political sector during the republic, most of them immigrated outside of Afghanistan or they live secretly and anonymously.
Also, in the social, cultural and economic sectors, a large number of women stayed at home, and only a limited number work in some non-governmental organizations, which also deal with thousands of threats and problems every day.
However, from the declarations and statements of UNAMA about women, it was felt that maybe this organization cares a little about the working women of Afghanistan, but lately the applicants and some of the local employees of UNAMA also say that UNAMA is trying to hire more men, unlike before. It is slow and gives more points to men because it does not want to face challenges with the Taliban group in the course of work, and in this situation, hiring a female employee is not without challenges. But even with this small number, the Taliban have been looking for female journalists and working women every day and warning them that they no longer have the right to work. A number of female journalists in many provinces of Afghanistan work with hidden identities and pseudonyms from home and through their cell phones, and if these women are exposed, they will be captured and killed for sure.

This is while Afghan women have not only lost their jobs and income in this one year, but also lost their homes and family members and some also lost their health and mental health.

Afghan Women’s News Agency

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