Badghis province starts March 8, or International Women’s Day, with the suicide of a woman

Reporter: Nasima Rawnaq

The body of a 25-year-old woman was taken to Badghis Provincial Hospital this morning.
Badghis local officials say the woman killed herself by a pistol.

The woman was at her father’s house when she committed suicide, said Ghawsuddin Afghan, security chief at Badghis police headquarters.

According to him, two minor children are left of this woman.

Sanaullah Sabet, the nursing manager of Badghis Provincial Hospital, also said that the woman’s body was taken to the hospital this morning and a bullet hit her in the head.
The cause and motive of this event have not been determined yet.

This woman has committed suicide while today, March 8, is the day of solidarity of women around the world.

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