Band-e-Amir, the first national park in the country

Band-e-Amir, the first national park in the country; Once upon a time, men and women were enthusiastically present here.
Young people played local songs and thousands of spectators applauded their local songs. Women and children on the other hand enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and beautiful nature of Band-e-Amir with different programs.

But the unexpected time robbed the people of their joys and replaced the artists with armed soldiers, and the presence of women is no longer seen.

Aseia Rahimi, a female tourist, said that women could not attend Band-e-Amir because of the families’ economic weakness. But it seems that everything from the economic challenges facing families to the presence of hundreds of gunmen around Band-e-Amir and restrictions on tourists have all gone hand in hand to prevent the colorful presence of women in Band-e-Amir.

Reported by: Zainab Hamta

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