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Day Counter of Women in October Month

October 2

On October 2, unidentified individuals abducted and then killed an 11-year-old girl in Kabul named Forouzan.

October 3

The body of a 10-year-old girl was found in a house in Kabul. The girl, whose identity was not disclosed to the media, was stabbed to death. Three women and two men were arrested by the Taliban in connection with the incident.

October 3

On October 3, Aliya Azizi, director of the Herat Women’s Prison, disappeared from her office. According to Aliyah’s family, she is still being held by the Taliban, but the Taliban has not informed Aliya’s family and media about Aliya’s fate and whereabouts.

October 6

On October 6, the Taliban arrested a man in Kabul on charges of “kidnapping and selling girls” and released a young girl. The girl was abducted in June 2021.

October 6

Mohammad Saber Ensan Doust, a professor at a private university in Kabul, took to the streets with his wife and children in shrouds to protest the “bad” political, economic, social, civil and cultural situation and to deprive the Afghan people of their freedom.

October 7

On October 7, the acting minister of the Taliban Ministry of Education said that no male teacher would teach young female students.
Noorullah Munir, acting minister of the Taliban Ministry of Education, said that young male students would not be taught by male teachers and young male students would not be taught by female teachers.

October 10

On October 10, UNICEF defended the right of girls to education in Afghanistan, saying that girls’ right to access quality education in Afghanistan should be protected.
The UNICEF has stressed that progress in girls’ education in Afghanistan must not be wasted.

October 10

On October 10, a number of women protesters in Kabul, at a closed-door rally, called on the Taliban not to hold Afghan women hostage in order to achieve their political goals. They also demanded the right to education and work for women.

October 12

The Taliban whipped a girl and a boy in Ghor province. According to local sources in Ghor province, Taliban forces have flogged a young girl and boy for running away from home in Dawlatyar district.

October 15

On October 15, Taliban forces evacuated a women-made almond processing factory in Daikundi province, evicting female employees and turning it into a military base.

October 19

According to a Taliban decision in the cabinet, all staff, professors and students of private universities and private higher education institutions were required to observe the religious hijab, and emphasized the separation of classes between male and female students by curtains or walls.

October 20

On October 20, a number of female teachers in Kabul protested, demanding the reopening of girls’ schools and the payment of female teachers’ salaries, emphasizing that the Taliban should not politicize education in Afghanistan.

October 21

On October 21, protesting women took to the streets in Kabul to protest the closure of school gates and the poor economic situation of the people. The demonstrations were suppressed and dispersed by the Taliban, with two foreign journalists and three Afghan journalists being beaten by the Taliban for covering the protests.

October 23

On October 23, the UN Secretary-General said that we would not stop our efforts until the girls returned to school. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has stated that the organization will not suspend its activities in Afghanistan until girls return to school and women return to work.

October 26

Women protesters in Kabul called the international community’s silence on the Taliban’s actions against women shameful.
A group of women in Kabul rallied to protest the international community’s silence on the blockade of educational institutions for girls and the Taliban ban on women working, calling the international community’s silence shameful.

October 26

On October 26, a non-governmental organization launched the “Way of the Pen” campaign to support children’s education in Kabul due to the Taliban closing school gates. And provided free education to girls.

October 29

On October 29, a 20-year-old girl committed suicide in Nili, the center of Daikundi province, due to domestic violence and depression at home, and died before reaching the hospital.

October 30

Bamyan protesters: Taliban deprive women of their human rights.
A group of women protesters in Bamyan province protested against the “isolation of women” and restrictions imposed on them by the Taliban and the spread of poverty in the country in a protest rally demanding the fundamental rights of women by the Taliban.

31 October

On October 31, the first women’s protest rally against Taliban policies began in a library in Kabul. The spontaneous movement of defiant women in Afghanistan launched book reading protest programs.

31 October

On October 31, a female teacher in Daikundi province, who was the sole breadwinner of her family, became mentally ill for fear of poverty and unemployment. A psychiatrist at the Daikundi State Clinic warned of her possible death.

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