Do not recognize the Taliban; Put Ashraf Ghani and his team on trial

A number of Afghan civil and media activists abroad have issued a joint statement asking various human rights organizations not to recognize the Taliban and to prosecute Ashraf Ghani and his team who caused the collapse of the regime.

Humaira Saqib, Makiya Munir, Abdul Mujib Khalwatgar, Adela Ahmadi, Mehdi Saqib and several other media and civic activists gathered in Vancouver, Canada on Monday (August 15, 2022) and in a joint statement they asked human rights organizations that: “Don’t recognize the petrified government of the Taliban and put Ashraf Ghani and his team on trial.”

In another part of this declaration, it is stated: “In our opinion, this government has no resemblance to a system related to the 21st century, and on the other hand, to a real Islamic system based on the authentic teachings of Islam.”

Civil and media figures of Afghanistan still believe that the continuation of the authoritarian rule of the Taliban in the future will be a big problem for the region and the world.

“The petrified rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan has led to the destruction of this country, as it is currently seen, and has created a favorable environment for terrorism and religious fundamentalism, and in the future, it will be a big problem for the region and the world.
The Taliban and their government have no adherence to humanity and human values, nor to Islam and Islamic values, and only under the name of religion, they have extended their illegitimate control over more than thirty-four million poor people and every day somehow they continue to arassment, killing and destruction of Afghan citizens.”

According to them, now it is the duty of every member organization of the United Nations to take necessary measures in order to isolate the Taliban and define the recognition of this group based on international rules as part of their own country’s crimes against sovereignty outside their geography.

On the other hand, these media activists say that bringing the Taliban to power for the second time in Afghanistan was a specific and pre-planned process that “caused the current humanitarian crisis, poverty and migration. They destroyed the subsets of the republican system, which included the civil society, the media society, the private sector, and other similar institutions. From the point of view of international law and the United Nations Charter, those who have been involved in such a crime are considered guilty and must be brought to trial in a transparent manner under the supervision of international institutions, including the International Criminal Court.”

The group of Afghan civil and media activists living in Canada expressed their condolences to the people of this country on the anniversary of the Taliban’s domination over Afghanistan.

Afghan Women’s News Agency

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