End the Taliban’s sexual violence and forced marriages with women

A coalition of women’s protest movements in Kabul called for an end to sexual violence and forced marriage of women in Afghanistan during a protest meeting.

This coalition met on Thursday (September 8, 2022) in a closed place and by issuing a resolution they wanted to prevent these violence against women and they asked the international community and other human rights organizations not to recognize the Taliban with such an approach towards women.
In the first article of this resolution, the protesting women demanded an end to the violence and sexual assault on women by the Taliban, and in another article, they have emphasized that the Taliban have given a religious color to oppression and violence against women and use it to satisfy their sexual instincts.
“Forced marriages, sexual assaults and mental and physical sexual assaults by the Taliban group have become an obvious and everyday thing and must be ended as soon as possible.”

In another article of this resolution, it is stated that the Taliban’s sexual violence and assault on women are not revealed due to the prevailing traditions, which in many cases force marriages and rape of women with personal motives and revenge against the opponents and rivals of the Taliban.
The protesting women have said in another part of this resolution:
“Insulting, discrimination and cruelty against other ethnic groups has become a normal thing for the people of the Taliban group, and unfortunately, despite the media coverage of many of its cases, neither the internal human rights organization nor the external organization nor the international community feels responsible for it and these disasters cannot be prevented.”

They also emphasized that in the absence of media and independent journalists, news and reports of oppression and tyranny, ethnic discrimination, humiliation, murder, violence and sexual assault of the Taliban against women are censored and in most cases, these news are not reported by the media, which itself has caused the increase of violence by the Taliban.
“Censorship of news and events in the absence of impartial and free journalists has become a big challenge in Afghanistan, which unfortunately few people and institutions have paid attention to this issue. Most of the violations and illegal acts of the Taliban are not reflected in the absence of free media, and we ask organizations and countries that support democracy to pay serious attention to the issue of freedom of speech and opinion, which is even in our religious texts.”

The coalition of women’s protest movements called the world’s silence towards the people and women of Afghanistan “shameful and a disgrace to the history of two hundred years of human rights”.

These women have also said that they will fight against any type of government in Afghanistan until the realization of all their civil rights.

Sexual violence and assaults by the Taliban on women have been going on since the arrival of this group in the country until now, in the absence of human rights institutions, these violences have not been recorded and in some cases, due to the fear of the Taliban and the ruling traditions in the country, these violences and assaults have not been disclosed.

Afghanistan Women News Agency

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