Female students: We were told that you are not allowed to enter the university until you wear a black veil

A number of female students at Kabul University of Education say that the university guards did not allow female students with colored tents to enter.

Negina, a student told the Afghan Women News Agency that despite wearing a black hijab and wearing only a light pink veil, university guards barred her from entering and confiscated her identity card.

“Today, when we were about to enter the university, a number of girls who were not wearing black tents took our cards and told us to come in black clothes and veils to give your cards.”

According to Negina, female students at the University of Education have been advised not to enter the university until they wear a black veil.

In a video sent to the Afghan Women’s News Agency, a group of girls with colored veils at the entrance door of the university show that they are trying to enter the university, but the gatekeepers prevent them from entering.

Taliban crackdown on women and girls in Afghanistan is growing. In the latest case, the UN statement, posted on Twitter by Heather Barr, associate director of the Women’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch said that Taliban staff had gone to the UN office in Kabul and demanded that female staff must wear the hijab.

Reported by: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

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