Fishing in Band Amir National Park by hand grenade explosion

The witnesses of the incident say that Taliban military personnel used hand grenades to catch fish in the waters of Amir dam in Bamyan province. Hamidullah a resident of Band-Amir area, told Afghanistan Women News Agency that the mentioned people threw two hand grenades into the water and killed a large number of fish, pulled some of them out of the water, and some of them went under the water.

According to several informed sources, this incident happened in Haibat Dam, one of the seven water bodies of Band Amir National Park, where there are a large number of tourists these days. However, following this incident, the Taliban military officials in Band-Amir have taken measures to prevent this kind of incident, but they were unsuccessful. Based on the speculations of eyewitnesses, the Taliban who caught fish using hand grenades in Amir Dam are residents of Kandahar province.

Reporter: Zainab Hamta

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