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Forced confessions of women

by: Tabasum Mehri

The Taliban’s interior affairs ministry is said to have released a video of prisoner women confessing to Taliban, in which women spoke of being encouraged and coerced by others to protest against the Taliban government.

In a video released by the Taliban’s Interior Affairs Ministry, girls in Taliban custody say women living abroad encouraged them to take to the streets to protest against the Taliban regime.

The release of this video has caused a lot of reactions. Human Rights Watch called the release of the video a blatant violation of human rights by the Taliban, and social media users and political activists called the release of the confessions a forced confession, calling it ridiculous.

The video was first released with the Taliban Interior Ministry logo, but was not released from official ministry addresses or Taliban Interior Ministry spokesmen.

In the video, which was posted from the address of Taliban-linked individuals, protesting women held in Taliban jails. They apparently regretted taking part in the protests, and named several women rights activists as saying that the protests were carried out under their pressure.

Homaira Qaderi, Hoda Khamoush, Zahra Mousawi, Atia Mehraban, Mitra Mehran and Farzana Ayoubi are among the women who allegedly lead women’s protests in Kabul from outside and incite girls against the Taliban government to spread negative propaganda.

This video was first published from the address named “Qais Faizi”, it is not clear what position he has in the Ministry of Interior Affairs or is he a member of the Taliban or not?

Official addresses at the Interior Ministry shared the video today, saying the protesting girls were being held by Islamic Emirate forces. The video is about 14 minutes long and ends with a speech by Aqil Jan Ezzam, a spokesman for the Taliban Interior Ministry.

He says, the women, whom led by some foreign intelligence circles to protest against the Islamic Emirate and chanted negative slogans, have been arrested and are being held by the Taliban.

It is not yet clear when and under what circumstances the confessions were obtained, but some women’s rights activists said it was clear from the conformation of the confessions that the Taliban had forced them to confess.

However, the Taliban have shown that one of the main agendas at the heart of the group’s decisions is women, and the Taliban have repeatedly opposed women’s protests and they were prevented from demonstrating by guns, but these women did not give up and resisted. Although the Taliban released such a video of the women, but it is likely that the video was taken based on coercion and intimidation.

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