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Humira Saqib: Unveiling Women’s Issues

Humira Saqib is the Director of Afghan Women’s News Agency, the only news agency in Afghanistan that focuses solely on women’s issues. With over 10 years’ experience as a journalist, Humira founded her company in 2012 after following her passion to report and emphasize women’s issues and events in Afghanistan and globally. Humira and her staff cover many areas such as international women’s movements, women in politics, and women’s rights. The news agency publishes in Dari, Pashto, and English to increase their readership in different regions and hopes to be one of the mainstream news sources in Afghanistan.

Humira received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kabul University and has been involved in many organizations since, such as the Women’s National Convention, Negahe Zan Press Network, and NAWA Institute. She has also earned multiple certificates in areas such as Proposal Writing, Human Rights, and Journalism. With a need to cover women’s issues in Afghanistan, Humira established her news agency in hopes of spotlighting challenges and opportunities women face today.

Humira Saqib, Director of the Afghan Women’s News Agency in Kabul.
After completing 10-weeks of in-country business training conducted by PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS®, Humira was selected to join 22 other women entrepreneurs for Leadership Development July 7 in Dallas. She hopes to learn more about achieving financial independence, and marketing techniques to help catapult her to a spot as one of the most reputable news agencies in the world. As part of Leadership Development, each lady will spend 4 days with a mentor in a like industry learning from top business women how to successfully juggle their work and personal lives. Humira will mentor with Monica Smiley, Enterprising Women Magazine and Diane Chen, CESI in Raleigh, North Carolina.

After their mentorship experience, all the PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® participants—and their mentors will gather back in Dallas for the International Women’s Economic Summit and Graduation July 17. For more information and to register for the Summit and Graduation visit Registration.

Humira Saqib

Humira Saqib (born 1980) is an Afghan journalist and women's human rights activist. She is one of the leading activists who through her writings in the magazine Negah-e-Zan (A Vision of Women) and in Afghan Women's News Agency, has been protesting against extreme forms of harassment against women in her radically Islamic country. She pleads that the parliament should enact laws for "Elimination of Violence against Women and enforce it vigorously.... Education, is also a key to changing mentalities around women's roles in society."[1][2][3] She is now pursuing her efforts to further women's rights by working for the women's news agency as a writer and editor.[

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