Invitation to visit Afghanistan A Qatari woman minister by Amir Khan Mottaqi

Acting Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaqi paid an official visit to Qatar to meet with Qatari Minister of Family and Social Development Maryam al-Masnad, who asked her to visit Afghanistan to investigate the situation of Afghan women.

A delegation of Taliban led by Amir Khan Mottaqi has left for Qatar.

Maryam al-Musnad reminded the Taliban that it is the duty of the Ministry of Family and Social Development in Qatar to provide educational and economic services to orphans and helpless women also Qatar is ready to provide humanitarian services to those in need in Afghanistan as well, according to a newsletter published by the Taliban Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter today (Saturday, April 30, 2022).

Mottaqi called for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and asked Ms. Maryam to travel to Afghanistan to investigate the situation of Afghan women and help Afghan women, orphans and the disabled through Qatari charities.

The Taliban’s foreign ministry says a Qatari delegation is scheduled to travel to Afghanistan and open offices for Qatari charities in Afghanistan.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

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