Iran: Twenty Afghan women are imprisoned in Iran

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that among the foreign prisoners in this country’s prisons, 20 women from Afghanistan are also imprisoned. Today (Monday, August 29), Sada and Sima news agency reported that numerous foreign nationals are imprisoned in Iran for various crimes.
Gholam Ali Mohammadi, the Director of Iran’s prisons organization, told the country’s media that 95 percent of foreign prisoners in this country are citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, and among these prisoners are 20 women from Afghanistan.

The director of Iran’s prisons organization said that these prisoners had crimes of drug trafficking, theft, crimes against individuals and illegal crossing of the country.
According to Sada and Sima report:
“Prisoners of nationals of these countries are kept separately in prisons, but among the female prisoners from Afghanistan, there are two women from two neighboring countries of Iran, and due to the fact that the number of these two foreign nationals is not large, therefore, they are kept together with the female prisoners from Afghanistan.”
The report does not provide accurate statistics of Afghan prisoners in Iran.

According to the information of the Iranian Human Rights Organization, on the morning of Wednesday, July 27, 2022, the death sentence of an Afghan woman was executed in one of Tehran-Alborz prisons. This prisoner, identified as Sanawbar Jalali, was sentenced to death or execution on the charge of “intentional murder” of her husband.

Afghan Women’s News Agency

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