Malala Foundation to the world leaders: Put pressure on the Taliban to reopen girls’ schools

On Thursday (July 14), Malala Yousafzai Educational Foundation, in an open letter to the world leaders, expressed concern about the continued prohibition of Afghan girls from education and emphasized that the continuation of this situation will cause frustration for female students. In this letter, Malala Foundation has asked world leaders to defend the right of Afghan girls to education, because educated and powerful young women can make the world safer and stronger. The foundation calls on world leaders to put diplomatic pressure on the Taliban to reopen girls’ schools. “For that to happen, you need to take bold and urgent action today to secure their future, the action we’re calling for is more than a statement of solidarity or a moment of silence. Although these measures are well-intentioned, they do not hold the Taliban responsible for violating the rights of Afghan girls and women.”

The Malala Foundation has also emphasized that world leaders should exert diplomatic pressure on Taliban officials in Afghanistan and ensure the immediate reopening of girls’ schools in Afghanistan. Pressure on the Taliban authorities to lift the ban on girls’ education and women’s right to work, providing immediate financial support to the education system in Afghanistan and showing solidarity with Afghan women and girls to claim their rights is one of the demands of this foundation from world leaders.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi
Translated by: Hussaini

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