Maulawi Mahdi Mujahid was killed by Taliban forces near the border of Afghanistan and Iran

The Ministry of Defense of the Taliban has published a statement stating that Maulawi Mahdi Mujahid, one of the former commanders of this group and an opponent of the Taliban’s mono-ethnic government, was killed by Taliban forces in Herat, near the border of Afghanistan and Iran.
In a tweet published by this ministry, it is stated that Maulvi Mehdi was killed by their border forces when he was trying to escape to Iran.

Maulawi Mahdi Mujahid was one of the senior commanders of the Taliban from Hazara ethnicity, in the past; who recently mobilized hundreds of people against the Taliban government in Balkhab.
He was removed from his position due to his opposition to the closing of girls’ schools and demanding rights for Hazaras and Shiites.

Afghan Women’s News Agency

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