Murder of a young girl and a man in two separate incidents in Daikundi province

Local sources in Daikundi province told the Afghan Women News Agency that a 20-year-old girl was killed in Sangtakht and Bandar and a 55-year-old man was killed in Miramur, Daikundi.

A young girl two days ago
(Thursday, May 12) was killed by a Kalashnikov in Dahan Gharak village of Sangakht and Bandar districts. The motive for the incident is still unknown, and the Taliban arrested a neighbor her.

In another separate incident, a 55-year-old man was killed two nights ago in the Miramur district of Daikundi province by unknown individuals with a Kalashnikov while irrigating the land.

The victim was named Amirjan and was a resident of Gardzamin Mir Gholam village in Miramur district.

However, after the Taliban took over the country, mysterious and targeted killings with firearms such as Pistoles and Kalashnikovs in Daikundi have also increased. Before that, such incidents were rare.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

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