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My family is starving, I have to sell my daughter

Few items of Afghan lives are left unsold in Jada-e Maiwand. So fast is the rush to sell and flee or, more simply, to sell and survive amid the plug-hole gurgle of the country’s diminishing economy, that the heaving bazaar of personal belongings has spilled from its usual confines along the famed thoroughfare in the center of Kabul’s commercial quarter and extended in a sprawl along the banks of Kabul River.

Nevertheless, among the shouts of dealers hustling to bang down the prices asked by desperate Afghans who had come to sell everything they owned, I was surprised to learn a four-year-old girl was being bartered too. what is going in this country is still very unseen but in the few next days, we will be surprised by the Taliban regime and his black cats cabinet.

Humira Saqib

Humira Saqib (born 1980) is an Afghan journalist and women's human rights activist. She is one of the leading activists who through her writings in the magazine Negah-e-Zan (A Vision of Women) and in Afghan Women's News Agency, has been protesting against extreme forms of harassment against women in her radically Islamic country. She pleads that the parliament should enact laws for "Elimination of Violence against Women and enforce it vigorously.... Education, is also a key to changing mentalities around women's roles in society."[1][2][3] She is now pursuing her efforts to further women's rights by working for the women's news agency as a writer and editor.[

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