Mysterious death of a woman in Bamyan province

Local Taliban officials in Bamyan province say a 20-year-old woman committed suicide in Waras district (Saturday, February 20, 2022). Bamyan governor’s spokesman Sabour Saighani told the media that the woman died in Chahar Nawor village of Takht area of Varas district.
According to Saighani, a black spot was observed in the woman’s neck and her body was taken to Kabul hospitals for further examination.

But local sources say the woman was mysteriously killed and may have been killed in family violence. Because signs of beating have also been observed on her body.

Recently, women mortality due to domestic violence has increased significantly across the country.

In the absence of human rights institutions and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, there are no specific statistics on female deaths in the country, but what is happening under the skin of the city has caused concern among women rights activists in Afghanistan.

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