New Taliban restrictions on Jawzjan media

The Taliban in Jawzjan province say the media should regulate their activities in accordance with Islamic law.

Local officials in Jawzjan said in a meeting with local radio officials that the Islamic Emirate had no problem with the media operating within the framework of Islamic law.

Mawlawi Gol Mohammad, known as Haji Salim, the deputy governor of Jawzjan, said in a meeting with local radio officials that the media should broadcast in accordance with Islamic law and the Islamic Emirate has no problem with the media, which prepares and publishes their programs according to the guidelines of Islam.

According to the deputy governor of Jawzjan, the media has an important and effective role in reforming society. They should further strengthen religious, educational and moral programs and promote a culture of mutual acceptance among the people.

Mr. Salim added that he talks to local officials about the presence of women in the local media, but that the media should refrain from broadcasting programs that run counter to Islamic law and Afghan traditions.

Meanwhile, officials in a number of local media outlets have emphasized the publication and distribution of scientific, cultural and educational programs, saying that Afghan media production is very low and that they do not have media feed due to the closure of foreign programs and productions.

According to media officials, the lack of financial resources and the suspension of projects are among the problems they are struggling with, and besides, the situation is becoming more difficult every day, and if it continues, they will see the media closing down.

According to the information provided by the Jawzjan Directorate of Information and Culture, there are currently eleven radio stations and two newspapers operating in Jawzjan, and the broadcasting of three TV stations and one radio station has been suspended for several months.

Reported by: Nasima Rawnaq

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