Protesting women in Kabul: The silence of the world is no less than the crime of the Taliban

The members of the women’s movement known as the “Spontaneous Movement of Afghan Fighting Women” protested in Kabul in continuation of their protest campaign against the Taliban. These women gathered in a closed place on Wednesday (August 10, 2022) and covered their faces with placards containing protest messages.
Protesting women say: “The silence of the world against the crimes of the Taliban is no less than the crimes of the Taliban.”

The members of the spontaneous movement of women fighters are worried about Afghanistan becoming a safe house for terrorists in the world and say: “Afghanistan is a common home belonging to the people of this country, not a gift of the Taliban to be trampled under the feet of terrorist groups.”

Also, the protesting women have demanded the reopening of schools for girls above the sixth grade as soon as possible and to respect the freedom of human beings. This campaign is carried out by the members of the spontaneous movement of women fighters of Afghanistan due to the security threats against women protesters by the Taliban in unknown and closed places, and these protests are spreading in all the provinces of Afghanistan.

Afghan Women’s News Agency

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