Protesting women of Kapisa province: Stop the genocide in Panjshir

A group of protesting women protested in connection with the recent Taliban wars and the killing of prisoners of war and civilians in Panjshir.

Today (Saturday, September 17) during a protest gathering in a closed place in Kapisa province, these women demanded global support for the people of Panjshir.

Protesting women say that the recent killings in Panjshir by the Taliban are genocide and should be stopped as soon as possible. On their placards, they have the slogans “Be united with Panjshir” and “stop the genocide in Panjshir” have exhibited. They asked for support and solidarity with the people of Panjshir. Although the Taliban have always denied the physical presence of the National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Massoud in Panjshir in media talks, they recently published statistics of the killing and capture of more than a hundred members of the Resistance Front.

Experts in military affairs believe that the Taliban are secretly investigating the Panjshir war and do not share the details of their casualties with any media or institution.

Afghanistan Women News Agency

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