Protesting women: The Human Rights Council should implement the protection of Afghan women

Residents of Balkhab district in Sarpul province report the tragic death of a displaced woman and two children in Balkhab mountains. Ahmadi Bolandi, one of the civil activists of Sarpul Province, wrote that a woman and two little girls were displaced from Housh village due to the fear of Taliban attack and the residents of other villages did not shelter her because she is from the village of Mawlawi Mahdi Mujahid, one of the Hazara commanders of the Taliban. Then she took refuge in the mountains of Balkhab and then died of hunger and cold.
“A woman with her two little daughters from Housh village is displaced due to fear of violence and attack by Talban. She first goes to Dara Shakhdar, but no one gives her shelter because she is from the same village as Mahdi Mujahid. She is forced to take refuge in the mountains with her two children. But after seven days, the shepherds found the bodies of this mother and her children in Shakhdara village, while all three of them had died from hunger and cold.”
According to Bolandi, when the Taliban found out about their death, they did not allow the local people to bury them and told them to let wolves eat the corpses of this woman and her daughters. Then, with the intervention of the elders of the village, they allow them to be buried, but not in the cemetery.
This woman and her two children are buried in the heart of Balkhab mountains.
Tensions escalated in Balkhab, Sarpul after one of the Hazara commanders of the Taliban protested against the Taliban’s discrimination in the inclusion of Hazaras in their government body, then the Taliban sent troops to Balkhab and entered into a war with Mawlawi Mahdi Mujahid. So far, nearly a hundred civilians have been killed by the Taliban in Balkhab and many families were displaced to Bamyan and Samangan provinces. Meanwhile, a large number of women and children have died of hunger and cold in Balkhab mountains. The Taliban do not allow human rights organizations and journalists to go to the area.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

Translated by: Hussaini

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