Somaya Farooqi: Don’t let Afghanistan become the graveyard of girls’ dreams

In her speech at the United Nations General Assembly, Somaya Farooqi, the captain of the Afghan girls’ robotics team, asked world leaders not to let Afghanistan become the graveyard of girls’ dreams. Today (Tuesday, 20 September 2022), he participated and gave a speech at the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations. In her speech, she called for the reopening of girls’ schools in Afghanistan.
“Show your solidarity with me and the millions of girls in Afghanistan. Work together to reopen girls’ schools and protect our rights. Don’t let me and my sisters become victims of global politics. Don’t let our country become the graveyard of our dreams and goals.”

Mrs. Farooqi further said that with the closing of school gates, thousands of girls may not return to school.
“The Taliban exclude us from society. Thousands of girls may never return to school. Many of them have already been forced to marry, and promises to reopen girls’ schools come and go.”

This is while the United Nations has announced that more than one million girls have been stopped going to school in the past year.

Afghanistan Women News Agency

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