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Supporting the Country’s Soldiers is the Duty of Afghan Citizens

On a daily basis the fighting groups launches attacks in various parts of the country, taking several districts from the government with all their equipment and facilities.

Afghanistan has witnessed years of fighting against terrorist groups in parts of the country and now that peace talks are underway between the two groups (the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban), Taliban militants have intensified their hostile moves and attacks against the country’s military forces for the country’s territories.

Many districts in Afghanistan have been taken out of government control, including the ones in Baghlan, Badakhshan and Kunduz in the north, Kandahar, Helmand and Uruzgan in the south, and a number of eastern provinces. With resistance of the defense and security forces, some districts have been taken back out of the control of the Taliban but the clashes have caused a lot of damage to the residents of the districts, especially women and children.

People including men and women are now mobilized against these fighters while announcing their support for the government. At this critical situation, security forces need the support of the people more than ever. Therefore, people have been mobilized in practice and through virtual pages as a sign of support for the country’s military forces. This has given the forces morale while it also is a message for the enemy that the people of this land are ready to defend country. To encourage against the enemy; social media users reacted by writing motivational texts and posting photos of the defense and security forces on their pages. As Arefa Paikar, a university lecturer wrote on her Facebook page, “People’s mobilization against the Taliban in defense of the security forces sends a clear message to the world and the Taliban.”

People are against the Taliban Emirate. With the previous experience of arming back in 1970s, it is the responsibility of the security forces and all of us to encourage the supporters of the security forces against the Taliban. To defend the country and people, not only men but also brave women have risen up against the terrorists and armed themselves. Women’s resistance has led to support from social media users. Saleema Mazari is the only female district governor in Balkh province who is working as the Charkent district governor of Balkh province from the past four years. In confrontation with terrorist groups she has always armed herself and fought in the front lines of the war alongside her soldiers. Saleema Mazari, has told her bodyguards that she will fight until she is alive and ordered the bodyguards to shoot her if they see her fall into the hands of the Taliban, saying “It is better to die with honor than to live in humiliation.”

Nahid Farid, a member parliament wrote on her page: “A woman in the heights of Balkh is fighting against the enemy of humanity and freeing her fellow human beings from the clutches of the monster of terrorism.”

Mohammad Elham also wrote on his Facebook page that “Courage and Endurance does not depend on gender as soon as one dares to stand against the oppressor; Salima Mazari is enough; a good role model for defense and resistance against oppression and savagery. This is not the first time she has armed herself and fought alongside her soldiers to stop brutality to rule.”

Shukria Rahimi, another social media user, wrote: “Salima Mazari is a clear example of women’s managerial power even in critical situations. While the surrounding districts under her control had fallen; she managed the crisis and worked hard with all her might along with the forces to prevent the fall of the district. Praise to Afghanistan heroes who, despite all the historical deprivations and repressions; with little opportunities, have punched the mouths of fanatical and blind patriarchs.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of women from Jawzjan province came to the center of Jawzjan from different parts of the province and armed themselves to confront with the enemy saying they would spare no effort to defend Jawzjan. They believe that defending the country, the people and the national interests of the country do not belong to men only. Everyone needs to come together.

Defending the people and country is the national duty of all Afghans. Men and women at this time stand side by side with the country’s defense forces and sacrifice their lives to repel the attacks of the enemy. Another group wrote and defended the country through their pen.

Leaders of former jihadi parties also gathered and mobilized against the militants following the spread of Taliban attacks and the successive fall of districts in Afghanistan’s provinces.

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