Taliban arrests 14 protesting female students in Paktia

Local sources report the arrest of protesting students in Paktia province by the Taliban. A source told Afghanistan Women News Agency that Taliban arrested at least 14 protesting female students. Female students in Paktia protested after the Taliban closed the schools again after the elders reopened the girls’ schools.

These students chanted the slogan of reopening schools on the roads of Paktia.

Now the sources have announced the arrest of a number of students. Women’s rights activists and street protesters in Kabul are worried about these girls in Taliban prisons.

One of the protesting women told the Afghanistan Women News Agency:

“Student girls in Paktia protested after being emotional due to the closure of schools again. The Taliban may label them as rebels and evil elements, while the majority of them are underage girls. We are worried about them in Taliban prisons, they may be tortured and force them to confess.”

Protest and criticism, civil and street demonstrations have no place in the Taliban regime. The Taliban group is beating and imprisoning their protestors.

Afghanistan Women News Agency

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