The body of a woman was found in a water well after three months in Balkh

33-year-old Rita, who was killed by her husband and her brothers-in-law, had her head, arms and legs amputated and buried in a well. She was found three months later after searching by her brothers.

Mohammad Asif Waziri, a spokesman for the Balkh Police Command, said that her name was Rita and that she had been killed by her husband and her brothers-in-law three months earlier due to family problems, had her head and limbs amputated and buried in a water well.

Mr. Waziri adds that only one child is left of 33-year-old Rita.
when Rita’s brothers from Herat province call her husband to talk to their sister, he make excuses. After three months, her brothers came to Balkh and saw that she was not there, and they went to the fourth Police District, where, as a result of interrogations, Rita’s body was found in a water well.

She also says that the victim’s husband, Momen, escaped with his second wife, and in connection with this incident, four people were arrested, including two Momen brothers, the father of Momen’s second wife, and the husband of Momen’s sister, Momen’s brothers confessed to their crimes.

However, since the beginning of the Taliban coming to power, the mysterious bodies of women have been found several times in different parts of Mazar-e-Sharif, but there is no prosecution.

Reported by: Nasima Rawnaq

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