The mysterious killing of five people in Samangan

Five civilians were brutally killed by unknown individuals in Samangan province.

Local sources in Dara-e-Suf district of Samangan province say that unidentified gunmen brutally shot dead five civilians.

The sources said that these people were killed last night in Kotal Rig area on the road of this district with Balkh province and the people killed were ordinary people and workers.

According to these sources, the cause of the incident is still unknown and the people killed were Hazaras and residents of Dara-e-Suf district. Their bodies were taken to Dara-e-Suf district clinic.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Mohaqiq, leader of the Islamic Unity Party of the Afghan People, wrote on his Facebook page that terrorists had arrested a driver and four passengers in Dara-e-Suf district and then brutally killed them.

Mr. Mohaqeq also said that these people were killed while Enamullah Samangani, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, said that ISIS-K had no public or physical presence anywhere in the country.

So far, no group or individual has claimed responsibility for the incident and no person or organization is responsible for this event.

Reporter: Nasima Rawnaq

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