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The story of Afghan women from March 8: We will create a new page of justice under Taliban rule.

Reported by: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

Last year on March 8 and the World Women’s Solidarity, Afghan women’s hopes were that every year women would be one step closer to progress, civilization and independence, but this year, contrary to expectations, this hope sank into black soil and women are now under Taliban rule. And have been deprived of even their most basic rights.

Meanwhile, only five women’s movements have continued to protest and resist the Taliban, from protest rallies in closed areas to the streets, insulting, humiliating, beating and flogging the Taliban.
This year, on the occasion of March 8, the Day of Women’s Solidarity, Afghan women say that they will mark a new page in the history of justice in the world.

Zulaikha Malalai, a member of the spontaneous movement of Afghan women fighters, in a message to the international community and other human rights organizations, calls for the name to be changed to the name of Afghan women fighters on March 8 this year.

Afghan women fight for Afghanistan free of poverty, violence and gender discrimination.

“Afghan women are struggling in the most difficult of circumstances with a high morale and motivation to seek justice for Afghanistan free from poverty, violence, discrimination and social inequality, following the rise of the Taliban’s petrified and authoritarian government. Therefore, we call on the international human rights organizations to name March 8 this year after the bravery of Afghan women fighters in the name of Afghan women.”

Nazia Sahar, another female protester, said in a message referring to the forced confessions of women protesters in the Taliban prison that the group wanted to discredit the women’s movement but Afghan women would take firm and decisive steps harder than ever.

“I congratulate the International Day of Women in the heat of oppression and tyranny, and I call for the steps taken by the women of Afghanistan to be heavy and hostile.”

She goes on to say:
” Warning!
An apparatus of ignorance and petrification has been activated that seeks to discredit the Afghan women’s movement. They want to tarnish the image of the Afghan women’s movement by bringing in anonymous women and making forced confessions. “We women must be vigilant, aware and active!””

Referring to the symbolic celebration of March 8 in the former republican system, Vida Roustaie, another protesting woman, says:
“Although this day was celebrated symbolically and as a slogan, women had access to a number of their rights and privileges, but this year they have been deprived of their basic rights. And we women are fighting against a terrorist and aggressor group in order to realize their ideals and rights, and the world should not forget the women of Afghanistan.”

March 8 this year marks seven months of women protesting against the Taliban’s mono-ethnic and homosexual policies, which ended in violence, insults, imprisonment and even the death of women, but women’s voices have not yet been silenced. And they raise their voices in every possible way.

Protesting women prisoners have been released by the Taliban on condition that they do not appear in public, remain silent and do not protest.

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