The Taliban punish the families of unveiled women

The Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Repression of Vice has mandated the hijab of women in Afghanistan in a new decree, and women who disobey the order will be punished and imprisoned by the Taliban.

This version of the Taliban decree states that whenever a woman without a hijab is seen in the city, her place of residence should be searched first and then her family should be punished.

“In the first step, the house of the unveiled woman should be identified and her guardian should be advised. In the second step, her guardian should be summoned to the relevant department, and in the third step, her guardian should be imprisoned for three days. In the fourth step, her guardian should be handed over to the courts to be sentenced to the appropriate punishment.”

The decree states that women employees in government offices should be fired if they do not observe the hijab.
The burqa is mentioned in this decree as the best hijab for women.

A seven-member Taliban delegation has also been appointed to monitor the situation of unveiled women and monitor the implementation of the order.

In another part of this decree, the media and the mullahs of the mosques have been instructed to propagate through the media, pulpits and mosques about the importance of hijab and the harms of not wearing hijab.

Since the Taliban took over, Afghan women have been deprived of all their rights and privileges. After the gates of schools were closed to girls, women and girls are now required to wear burqas and black masks.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

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