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The Taliban suppress women’s street protests with airstrikes

Today, Saturday (August 13, 2022), a number of protesting women in Kabul, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the fall of the country to the Taliban, launched a street protest of bread, work and freedom. These women, who numbered 80 people, were suppressed by the Taliban in one of the streets of Kabul at the beginning of their protest movement.

Zhulia Parsi and Laila Basim, one of the protesting women who covered the protests live, say that the Taliban separated the protesting women from the place of protest and then imprisoned them in a printing house, and after taking their slogans, they took them away from the place.

Women protestors say that this is not the first violent behavior of the Taliban against women protesters and they will continue their protests despite any repression and violence.

Afghan Women’s News Agency

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