Violation of human rights of 173 journalists and media workers by the Taliban

The United Nations Vice-Chancellor, or UNAMA, published a report today calling the human rights situation under the Taliban’s rule fragile. This organization published statistics on the victims of war and violence under the rule of the Taliban. According to the UNAMA report, about 2,104 civilians were killed during ten months of Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Among them, 700 people were killed and 1406 others were injured. UNAMA also reported human rights violations of 173 journalists and media workers, of which 163 cases were caused by the Taliban. According to UNAMA, 122 journalists were arbitrarily arrested and 58 other journalists were mistreated and 33 journalists were threatened with death and 12 others were arrested illegally and six other journalists were killed during this period, five of them were killed by ISIS-K and one by unknown people.

Reporter: Latifa Sadat Mosavi

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