Will US utilize the opportunity regarding Kabul Bomb Blast?

When US President Joe Biden declared on Tuesday that evacuation efforts would be completed by August 31 in the virtual meeting of G-7. Western states urged US to extend the deadline. A spokesperson of Taliban didn’t not agree to an extension of the evacuation mission from Afghanistan.

Amidst these Scores of people were killed in several explosions at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport. The blast came after Western intelligence agencies warned citizens not to travel to the airport because of a credible terror threat and warned of consequences in case of extension of deadline.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday vowed to find and punish Islamic State members involved in the attack on Kabul airport. Thousands of people were waiting at Kabul airport to leave the country at the time of the attack.

Suicide bombers blew themselves up at two locations near the border with Hamid Karzai Airport. The two locations are outside the Abbey Gate and an adjacent hotel.

At least 60 Afghans and 13 U.S. military personnel were killed in the attack, according to U.S. and Afghan officials. The AP says at least 143 Afghans have been injured.

The head of the US Central Command, General Frank McKenzie, told a news conference at the Pentagon that 11 US Marines and a Navy Medicaid had been killed and 15 wounded. He added that the gunfight started immediately after the blast.

Later on, Thursday, Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on their news agency’s Telegram channel. The United Nations and NATO have condemned the attack. Taliban spokesman Mujahid also condemned the attack.

In his remarks, President Biden reiterated his commitment to the removal of US troops, allies and Afghan civilians from Afghanistan and said those responsible would be found.

Afghanistan is now more strategically significant than ever. Chinese development projects and connectivity and Russian engagement with a new shape in Central Asia and western Asia are issue for America.

US focus is shifting towards China, Russia and Iran from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq issue. They signed an agreement with Taliban. It is true that US, Pakistan provided all kinds of Assistance to Taliban to capture the Kabul covertly. It is not clear what the decision taken by Pakistan authority regarding CIA military base in KP province of Pakistan.

Although US wants to withdraw from Afghanistan, it also wants engagement of its military into the Central Asian states. They might have a plan in Central Asia to counter China, Iran and Russia.

The Biden administration has reportedly considered Uzbekistan and Tajikistan that border Afghanistan, as well as Kazakhstan, as possible staging areas for monitoring and quickly responding to possible security problems that may follow the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Russia has strongly warned the United States against deploying its troops in the former Soviet Central Asian nations following their withdrawal from Afghanistan in a few days ago.

Now ISIL-Khorasan claimed responsibility for the attack. The group takes its name from the Khorasan Province, an area that once included wide swaths of Afghanistan, Iran and central Asia in the Middle Ages.

No one knows where is the base of this outfit. But US says that Central Asia may be the base of the groups. Now US got a ground to keep itself in the Region in the name of Counter-ISIS-Khorasan and Terrorists.

US needs a reason to do something. Now they can keep its military for some days in the region. They narrated the outfit as an anti-Taliban outfit. So, Taliban also keep silence in this regard. US will expect some backup from Taliban.

In past, we saw that US invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria to counter terrorists. Many security analysists say, why at his time, this group attacked Kabul airport when US needs a strong logic to keep itself in Central Asia?

Central Asia is a hub of geo-politics. Central Asian countries may be sufferer. Chinese development project is going through the region. When China is starting to play a role in case of bringing perpetual peace in the region, this type of incident can turnover the whole geo-political scenario. Some evil forces want to damage the regional peace.

So, such things matter for the region:

1.     US starts new game in the region because it wants to stay in the region.Biden vows retribution as death toll from Kabul airport attack rises to 85, including 13 US troops.
  1. Such kinds of terrorist attacks and incidents by ISIL-Khorasan will continue and destabilize the region and regional peace process.
  2. Taliban will pay attention to counter the outfits and reconsider the deadline of US withdrawal.
  3. Another point is ” as 13 Us troops killed US will try to utilize the opportunity of Reaching out to Taliban in the name of Seeking Protection.
  4. Hostile parts against regional peace in the region are trying to destabilize the region to serve their vested interest.

Humira Saqib

Humira Saqib (born 1980) is an Afghan journalist and women's human rights activist. She is one of the leading activists who through her writings in the magazine Negah-e-Zan (A Vision of Women) and in Afghan Women's News Agency, has been protesting against extreme forms of harassment against women in her radically Islamic country. She pleads that the parliament should enact laws for "Elimination of Violence against Women and enforce it vigorously.... Education, is also a key to changing mentalities around women's roles in society."[1][2][3] She is now pursuing her efforts to further women's rights by working for the women's news agency as a writer and editor.[

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