Women protesting against the Taliban: This country is not your heritage to spread under the feet of ISIS and Al-Qaeda

Members of a women’s movement “Spontaneous Movement of Fighting Women of Afghanistan” protested today Saturday (August 6) in Nimroz province in connection with the closure of girls’ schools and the increase in suicide attacks. In a protest held in an unknown and closed place, protesting women also expressed their concern about Afghanistan’s geography becoming a “safe house for terrorists”. They asked the international community to put pressure on the Taliban to reopen girls’ schools and prevent the Taliban from spreading terrorist activities in the country.
Nimroz protesting women addressed the Taliban and said:
“This country is my heritage, it is not your gift to spread the carpet under the feet of Al-Qaeda and ISIS.”

These women have covered their faces with slogans such as “Don’t close the school gate, I’m going to find a way to reform you” and “Education is our right”.
And they asked the people of the country to protest against the false policies of the Taliban with the hashtag “Compatriot, wake up”.

After the suppression, torture and imprisonment of a number of protesting women by the Taliban, now women’s lawsuits and demands for justice have been moved from the streets to closed spaces and these protests are spreading.

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