Women Tired of Fighting, are Armed against the Taliban!

Years of war and bloodshed in Afghanistan have taken many lives but it seems that the Inheritors of the war in the country, despite the endless casualties, have not yet decided to stop.

People who are tired of the war for power are disgusted by the prolongation of the war and violence. They criticize the government for not dealing with perpetrators and the founders of violence and catastrophes with a strong stance. Half of the people are willing to leave the country and the other half without having the right to choose are forced to endure these conditions. The consequences of violence in the country lead to nothing but bloodshed, destruction of country’s infrastructure and backwardness of the educational systems. The groups involved in the war and violence still insist on their irrational demands.

Since 2001, we have witnessed many changes at the community level in terms of economic, military, cultural and educational in the country. All this has been as a result of ending conflicts in the country. But in some other parts of the country, thanks to the existence of intermittent conflicts, the life system of people have been paralyzed and hindered development in some other areas of the country.

It has been nearly two years since the US peace agreement with the Taliban but except the increase, there has been no reduction in violence. The government’s serious will as the protector of the people has also not been seen.

According to the context of the constitution, it is a duty of the government to provide security for people and the society so that they can lead other aspects of their lives with peace of mind. Unfortunately in society the distance between the people and the government has reached a point where they do not expect anything from the government. This is because, for many years it has been proved that nothing can be asked of the government.

In the past two weeks, there have been reports of women arming themselves against the Taliban in different parts of the country; this is due to the inevitability and fatigue. These women believe that living in a situation where they taste death every time, or feel the shadow of death over their heads and their loved ones has no difference with the death itself. So they decided to arm themselves against their enemies and defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

If we call women the real victims of wars and violence, it is not unreasonable because after every war a man is killed, wounded or disabled as a soldier. The burden and responsibility of that man simply falls onto women’s shoulders. Apart from that, women have other responsibilities at home as well. There are other intangible aspects in the traditional society that increase the psychological pressures on woman as well.  They are harassed for being a widow or having an orphan. This has been experienced by a large number of women.

The Taliban’s show of force and coercion has forced women to join forces with men to gain access to their right to life and security against the Taliban. The Taliban think at the moment that they have a lot of power and can rule people by force, giving people no choice but they are unaware of the fact that society is not the society of 20 years ago and people cannot and do not want to return to a period from which they have nothing but bitter and horror memories.

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