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Women’s March in Kabul: “Compatriots, Come along; Rapscallion will always be Rapscallion”

A group of protesting women came to the streets of Kabul this morning, Thursday, December 22, in opposition to the deprivation of women’s right to education and chanted the slogans of “Education, Work and Freedom”.
These protesting women from the intersection of Dehburi to the intersection of Kabul University with the slogans “Either all or none”, “one for all; All for one” and “Compatriot, come along; Rapscallion is Rapscallion.” They asked the people of the world to accompany them.
But this march was turned violent by the Taliban and a number of women and journalists were arrested by the Taliban. One of the protesting women says that at least five protesting women and three journalists were taken away by the Taliban and the rest of the girls ran away from the Taliban while they were severely beaten and whipped and their gathering dispersed.
At the same time as announcing the order to block the gates of schools and universities to girls, the Taliban asked its fighters to prevent any kind of actions and protests by women in the streets.

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