With the establishment of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, 220 female judges and 2,100 male judges have been removed from office and replaced by new people, members of the group.
One of the dismissed judges, who did not want to be named, told the Afghan Women’s News Agency: “Without officially dismissing the 220 female judges and the 2,100 male judges, new people have been appointed to replace them.”

The source adds: “None of us, dismissed judges can raise our voices against the dictator regime. If we sue for our rights, we will be arrested, disappeared and killed. If we are legally separated, we are entitled to a pension, which must be paid to us. “Unfortunately, no one is responding to our demands, and no one is raising their voices, because all the judges are being persecuted and intimidated in different places.”

Meanwhile, a number of female judges have sought refuge in Greece and Canada, and a number of those in Afghanistan are hiding from the public for the sake of fear.

Reports indicate that female judges see themselves at risk from men who have been convicted and imprisoned for various crimes by them. And with the new government coming to power, they have been released and are looking for them.