Afghan Women News Agency is the first specialized news agency in the field of women’s activities in Afghanistan, and all articles and news are published by women and for women. Afghan women can.

Afghan Women News Agency Organization (AWNAO) is a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental organization established in 2008 by a team of competent and committed people. The main focus of the organization scope of services was on raising the voice of women through providing news, women empowerment and gender mainstreaming. The main consideration of the organization is over women and society member, in three decades of war the women have been facing with numerous problems and challenges, therefore, this organization wants to overcome the problems in order to bring a suitable and peaceful life for families. AWANO has worked with ICAN, Inter news, Oxfam, Democracy International, USIP, GIZ, Canadian Right and Democracy, Institute of Peace and Security, GIZ and currently with NED in these following projects; promoting peace in the level of community, Supporting Women in Media, Research on Conflict and Peace building training, Women Position in Media related Legal Document, Government Accountability, Publishing the voice of women, Recording documentary on women and National Police, and Promoting rule of law and currently AWANO is training female journalist on Gender and Journalism, Peace Journalism, Street journalism and Role of Women in Islam.

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